"l can't say enough about the wonderful effects of doing this practice. In the last 6 months I have adapted it and made it my own and the results have been spectacular. The simplicity and effectiveness of this type of meditation or healing method are in my opinion unmatched. I have done so many types of spiritual practice and healing work and this simply works the best and brings both together. This is the medicine of the future and the way to do energy healing work on yourself. With this you can enter spiritual states of consciousness and feel so much joy and love. If you do this regularly, with sincerity, you will connect with Divine healing energies and make spiritual progress. To turn it into a spiritual practice do an invocation and prayer for Divine help and protection at the beginning, and end with an intention for peace and balance in the world and then a blessing with palms facing out." - Matthew in Florida

"I recently experienced two life threatening illnesses, both of which I and my physicians thought could result in my death. With help of Janice's book (The Foundations System), along with major support from family and friends, I have been able to overcome both illnesses. This book is very well written with compassion and details about difficult life experiences. My understanding of spirituality has profoundly increased and now plays a much greater role in my every day life. I would recommend this book to anyone who has endured difficult moments in their life. Reading it should facilitate overcoming these traumatic events." - Dr. G. Green, TX

"I am now the most grounded I have ever been in my life after being introduced to The Foundation Healing System by Janice. Being grounded in my physical body and being grounded in my life is absolutely essential for me to survive on this earth and be totally healthy. All the grounding techniques that I have been taught up to this point just didn’t always work for me." - Lela Starseed, intuitive, author

"The Foundations System brings in-depth, serious healing to all who are interested in pursuing it. It is truly a pure system, both simple and complex, explained in a manner that is accessible to all, to whatever level they choose to take it, regardless of one’s current Path, belief systems, philosophies, or Soul Energy Type.  The Foundations are straight-forward, very useful, and extremely effective. It is a method by which All BEings can truly thrive here, and I strongly encourage everyone to learn it and to use it regularly!" - Randie, writer, Reiki Master, Florida

"Amazing healing process which has helped me a lot! Highly recommended for sensitives, empaths, starseeds and really just anyone who is in need of healing after the less than desirable situations we can encounter living here on this planet." - M.C. in Australia

"We love your writing style and naturally, all of it's Divine support and information. Reading it is a powerful experience; it is like looking through multi-dimensional layers of truth - simultaneously.  It is invaluable!"
- D. in the UK

"This process inspires and encourages discipline, on all levels; it is extremely empowering.  Janice, thank you so, so much for sharing this with the World.  It is sublime and Sacred." 
- P. in the UK

"I could not put this book down. Every paragraph is so powerful. And then there is more. It will clarify and help you understand the energy that is here and how to best use it for the greatest good. Brilliant!" - Kann

"I read this after reading Ms. Carlin's Empathetic Sensitivity - it immediately made sense and confirmed a lot of what I had been sensing and feeling as true but lacked the confidence and clarity to fully commit to. It doesn't hold back and is strong and direct in it's messages about how we live and how this affects us all - it embodies what I've heard described as compassionate challenge. This book and it's companion 'Towards Ascension' are not run of the mill 'new age' works but contain important and enlightening information and guidance that is urgently needed today." - M.H. Smith
"I just bought a copy of Towards Ascension, and I have read the chapter about autistic children. I really want to thank You for sharing this information, it's so eye-opening and groundbreaking! My son is autistic, he is also non-speaking. Now I understand my child and his needs much better! Looking forward to reading and learning more." - Maria Tverin, Finland
"I found this book immensely helpful - if you can relate to Elaine N. Aron's 'The Highly Sensitive Person', this takes it up a level with insight and practical advice on diet, environment and energy clearing. The author has worked and researched for ten years for herself and her son who are both extremely energetically sensitive and she knows what she's talking about. It filled in a lot of gaps for me and woke me up to exactly what I've been experiencing and how much the way I was living was affecting me."- M.H. Smith, UK

"I have always been empathic. Have been able to tell when someone in my family was in trouble long before they would share. I can walk into a room and know immediately if there has been a fight, tears, or if there is a lot of joy that takes place. I always thought it was very strange that I knew these things. I also absorb people's illness symptoms. That is the worst. When I started reading this book I was stunned. Completely.  I couldn't believe how accurately this book described me. I feel such relief that after 47 years, finally I'm finding answers to emotional and physical problems I've had to live with. Thank YOU for writing such a helpful book. It's empowering to know that I'm NOT a freak, I'm NOT crazy, I'm allowed to be sensitive. I give this book the highest praise possible." 
- R. Losekamp

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