Dr. Janice has been a speaker in several online summits, including:
 You Wealth Revolution Network, Your Divine Uniqueness, Sacred Stories Telesummit, Soul Talk, Awaken to Autism Summit, The Integrated Empath Masterclass Summit, I Feel Everything Parent Summit, Here We Grow Again: Developing Your Intuition Summit, and The Divinity of Movement Online Retreat.  
If you would like to schedule her for a speaking engagement, contact her at janice.carlin@gmail.com.
​Here are a few recordings:
Interview with Moncef Afkir on Your Divine Uniqueness Telesummit December 2016
Interview with Darius Barazandeh on the You Wealth Revolution Summit, 2016: Soul Energy Types
Interview with Karyn Kulenovic on The Integrated Empath Masterclass Summit, June 2018.
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